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Gmail Improved with these Tips and Tricks


Gmail is used all over the world, by more than 900 million people at present time, it’s an advertising supported email service which is provided by Google and was launched like 11 years ago.

It’s a very powerful service in terms of mail and it has many features as well, which are just awesome, and each users know the secrets of their accounts in order to manage it in a correct way, the way the users want their account to go.

To unsubscribe the bulk emails, Gmail has a spam filter, but that’s not enough, because it allows the bulk email to reach over users inbox, but there is a way to get rid of these hurdles through which the user will never be receiving such messages.

To do that, the user may type unsubscribe in search box, the user will get a list of emails, which user never pays a heed too, like on newsletters and daily deals, so if a user wants to stop receiving these kind of messages in future, the user has to open these emails and click on the unsubscribe button which is there next on the sender’s address or at the bottom of the text.

Who logged into your account? Hackers have full power to reach your account and could see all the mails, in hope to steal any of the important mail through which they could make profit out of it.

Maybe someone from users group of friends has allowed the user to check messages on their smartphone, computer and tablet but like the user, if forgot to logout and users friend has all user id and password details saved on that device and would able to check users email account from time to time.

In order to find out who accessed the account, Gmail will give the user a log containing the access type mobile, browser, POP3 and also the location and IP address for the last 10 logins.

If someone is currently logged on to the users account, the user will have the option to Sign out all the other web session.

The yellow star will allow the user to bookmark the messages, but I would not suggest you to star too many emails because the user will be confused with many emails, if the messages are urgent the user may choose the red exclamation point. These symbol or stars a user can choose from settings > General, where the user will able to drag them from the not in use category to in use category.

Managing an inactive account, it’s the solution where the user decides to deactivate the account, using this tool, the user will able to decide what will happen to the user data in case the user will not access the account and Google will work accordingly by notifying somebody that the users account is inactive.

Surely the users will be able to work more smoothly by following these tips and tricks.