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Gmail Vs. Yahoo Mail – Which Is Better?


Virtually everyone has an email account that they use often, if not several times a day, and that is why we are especially interested to find which is the best email provider. There are dozens of providers out there but Gmail and Yahoo Mail are the best. However, now, another question pops up – Which is the better between Gmail and Yahoo Mail?

The new Yahoo Mail interface

Some time ago, Yahoo implemented major changes in the GUI of the Yahoo Mail on PCs.

Accordingly, the new Yahoo Mail interface is much more modern, clearer, and customizable.

Among the new Yahoo Mail features, there are:

  • Wider buttons and Yahoo Apps at one click away;
  • The Messenger, Calendar, Notepad, and Contact buttons are now appearing on the right side;
  • The Settings button is now on the right side, too;
  • A new Compose Mail button;
  • A clearer look, which was indeed needed to solve out the messy appearance of the older version;

Gmail vs Yahoo Mail

The first thing we should mention in this sense has to be that Gmail is the most popular of all the email clients available, while Yahoo Mail has lost a lot of clients since Google implemented the Android OS (which requires users to hold a Gmail account).

However, the Yahoo developers have also added some tools and features available on Gmail, so the competition will be fierce between them.

Gmail Vs. Yahoo Mail – The Visuals

Gmail arrives with visuals simpler than those of Yahoo Mail, especially for lovers of clean and minimalist environments but which might also be customized as desired.

Gmail Vs. Yahoo Mail – Email Functions

Both Gmail and Yahoo Mail have the needed basics when it comes to email functions, such as sending messages almost instantaneously to all our contacts, which has recently been implemented by Yahoo.

Also, many of us send attached files through emails. In this regard, both Gmail and Yahoo Mail provide users the possibility of adding any types of files. Besides, both allow up to 25 MB attachments.

Gmail Vs. Yahoo Mail – Organizing Emails

Both Gmail and Yahoo Mail are two of the most advanced email providers but in this regard, Gmail automatically organizes emails much easier, putting them into three main categories, namely, Inbox, Social, and Promotions.

Yahoo Mail organizes emails in a different way, including Photos, Documents, Travel, and Coupons.

Gmail Vs. Yahoo Mail – Which is better?

All the pieces of evidence lead to one conclusion – Gmail is better. And that because its design is more user-friendly, it automatically organizes email, and, also, Gmail is the most popular email provider, at the moment.