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God Of War Director Cory Barlog, Addresses Boss Fight Criticism


God of War is seen as one of the best PlayStation exclusives of all time. Now, the director of 2-18’s game discusses the game’s most significant criticism.

New features of the 2018 God of War

Among the new additions for 2018, there’s the Norse mythology instead of the Greek, Kratos’ son Atreus is a traveling partner and the entire game has been shot in a continuous shot, just like Birdman.

It seems that now all novelties that were tested by GoW worked out flawlessly and there were a few players who were against the lack of boss fights.

Gamers were used to kicking Poseidon, Zeus, Hercules and more, but now GoW has a more refined adventure that features smaller battles.

Cory Barlog addresses the fight issues

Director Cory Barlog admits that despite an extended development period, there simply wasn’t enough time to bring everything that Sony’s Santa Monica Studios had in mind to life.

“You know, there are several bosses that I had to cut throughout the game simply because we got about 15 to 20 people on each boss, and those bosses go anywhere from a year to two each. Which I think is something a lot of people underestimate, ‘there’s not enough bosses in this game!’ You’re kind of being greedy because while I’d love like 10 more bosses in there, this game would have taken like 20 years to make,” Barlog told GamingBolt.

The game’s director continued to defend his decision and said that it’s important to know what to keep and what to chop from a game. He believes that you can learn these things in many years of experience.

God of War brings a breath of fresh Nordic air and it also managed to bring life back to the long-running adventure series.

The game’s director did not reveal which pages of the Norse gods did not make it in the game but there’s a chance that they could find a place in God of War 5’s story campaign.