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Good Bye Motorola, Hello ‘Moto by Lenovo’


Lenovo, that bought Motorola from Google back in 2014, has proclaimed it’ll overhaul the brand to Moto by Lenovo.

The re-branding means that we might not see Motorola branding for long on the Moto devices, as confirmed by Motorola Chief operational Officer Rick Osterloh.

Talking at the sidelines on Consumer Electronics show 2016, Rick disclosed plans to CNET’s Roger Cheng.

He pointed that Motorola name won’t be fully killed because it will be utilized in corporate perspective in Lenovo.

According to Osterloh the company will slowly end Motorola and will be giving full focus on Moto.

The move also see a amendment or we can say change within the company’s strategy for phones which will use Moto branding for high-end handsets whereas the budget phase will have vibe or good ambiance.

On the other side Lenovo believes that this move will not kill or destroy the company but it will make the company more strong.

According to Lenovo’s corporate executive Yuanqing, It’s our treasure.

We are here to protect the Motorola brand and will make it stronger, Motorola branding might be flying away but the Moto logo and the sign of the brand M will be long-lasting on all the Moto devices.

The corporate confirmed the smartphones which are moving ahead like Moto X will have sport blue Lenovo logo.

According to the reports Osterloh will be the leader of the combined world smartphone business unit, which will be below Motorola legal entities.

According to the various other reports back in November Lenovo will be integrating Mobile Business Group (MBG) into Motorola Mobility.

Further, Osterloh further that the corporate intends to introduce Moto product line wherever Lenovo use to do vice-versa for other markets where Moto was very famous and well-liked.

He additionally confessed that Lenovo intends to bring ambiance in US however it’d not happen in 2016.

To recall, a bit over three years once Motorola was acquired by Google for $12.5 billion, the corporate modified hands a second time last year, and was acquired by Lenovo for $2.9 billion.

Many people speculated that the move created sense for Lenovo as a shot to achieve quality in international markets, wherever Motorola was an additional well-liked hand-set complete.

Lenovo on the opposite hand was antecedently seen mostly as a computer (PC) maker in most of the planet outside of its mother country China.

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