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Google Adwords Becomes Google Ads And Brings In New Tools And Features


Just before Google Adwords’ 18th year of existence, Google announces its rebranding it as Google Ads, accompanied by the launch of new tools for online advertising.

Google Adwords, Google’s online advertising platform, and one of its primary sources of revenue was launched on October 23rd, 2000. But Google decided to change its platform’s name just before celebrating its 18th year of existence.

This week Google has announced a rebranding of its star product, now simply named Google Ads

The new name and logo will affect all campaign types offered by the platform, including search, display, video, applications, and so on, and from July 24th of this year the new name will be used in the user interface, Help Center, and billing documents.

The URL will also change from the current adwords.google.com to ads.google.com, while the Help Center’s URL will change as well, turning into support.google.com/google-ads.

According to Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior vice president of Ads & Commerce at Google, the new Google Ads will be “the main gateway for advertisers who want to buy ads in all the spaces offered by Google.”

Google Ads comes with new tools and features

But Google has decided to subject Google Ads to more than a simple rebranding, choosing to launch new tools linked to this service:

  • Smart Campaigns will be the predefined system for Google Ads advertisers. They will be ‘smart’ because advertisers will be able to select the priority objectives of their campaign and it will be Google Ads who will use machine learning to optimize the content and target of the ads;
  • Google Marketing Platform will be the result of the merger of the company’s professional analytics tools, DoubleClick Digital Marketing, and Google Analytics 360, the platform that responds to “the growing need for collaboration,” according to Dan Taylor, director of the Google Marketing Platform. Google Marketing Platform will offer new products and features such as Display & Video 360 and an Integration Center;
  • Google Ad Manager is another example of merging old tools in Google Ads, but this time both with the DoubleClick brand, the DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for publishers;