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Google Announced New Features Within Its Apps For 2018 FIFA World Cup


The world’s largest search engine, Google, announced that it will join the 2018 FIFA World Cup fever when the ball rolls in Russia, creating an interesting platform for World Cup lovers to experience an unforgettable experience during the biggest soccer event on the planet.

Google announced new features in some of Google’s products so that all users can enjoy the 2018 Russian Football World Cup starting on June 14th.

Through the search engine, Google Assistant, Google Maps, and other products, Google is set to offer soccer fans a unique experience to follow this soccer event, minute by minute.

Android users will also be able to follow the scoreboard of any game in real time while continuing to use other applications or surf the web.

When making inquiries related to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, users will be able to access detailed information such as upcoming matches and results, the key to qualification, training, statistics, and information on the most relevant players.

2018 FIFA World Cup will be on Google in real time

Minute by minute

To follow matches when they are not available live, fans can set up to see live results on their Android mobile devices.

Don’t miss any match while traveling

In addition to accessing the information in real time, on Google Maps, you can also search for pubs or other places that broadcast the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches.

Statistics for fans

All the curiosities of the World Cup editions, from 1930 to date, as well as the most interesting data about the players, will be available on Google apps.

The Google Assistant

The Google Assitant will answer your questions and will respond to any command related to FIFA World Cup. And for this 2018 FIFA World Cup, the Assistant will also be able to answer more complex questions with contextual information such as “Who is left out with this result?” or “How many times did the two countries clash?”

Google Doodles

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the Google homepage will feature doodles, created by artists from around the world.