Home Apps Google App 7.14.15 Beta Downloadable APK Update Enhances the Personalized News Feed

Google App 7.14.15 Beta Downloadable APK Update Enhances the Personalized News Feed


The Google app is essential to the premium experience that Android smartphones offer. This app makes sure to keep users updated with all the latest news and information that they care about. In addition, the app can also be used to find quick answers and to form a feed that’s packed with stories which matter to users such as their local weather, traffic reports and so on.

Google App 7.14.15 Beta APK Update

Android fans should be happy to know that they can get their hands on a brand-new update ahead of everyone else. This update is available in APK form which means that Android fans are required to manually download and install it themselves. Additionally, the update is supported by only the beta version of the app. Therefore, interested users need to enlist in Google’s Beta Program to receive access to it.

Updated Homepage

Right from the start, the biggest change that this new update brings is an updated homepage. Google knows how important a good news feed is and this new update contains some changes which enhance it. The main purpose of this refreshed news feed is to make it easier for Android fans to keep themselves informed with the topics that matter to them.

New Topics

As if the updated news feed wasn’t enough, the Google app is now going to feature a bunch of other topics such as new music, celebrities, TV shows, sports highlights and many other topics. This is great since it means Android fans can customize their smartphones so that they fit their needs better.

Searching for Additional Information

Finally, the most important feature that this new APK update contains makes it possible for users to get additional information on the topics that interest them by simply tapping on the subject header which can be found at the top of each card.