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Google App For iPhone – 3D Touch Features And Multitasking Functionality


We rarely saw completely new functions in the latest versions of Google, but if you have an iPad Air or an iPhone 6S would be good for you to install the update.

With the release of iOS in 9 and the new iPhones 6S and 6S Plus, Apple has introduced some interesting features. 3D Touch is an innovative way to interact with your Apple device, similar to the right-click on your PC or Mac. Apple tablet owners can finally enjoy a form of multitasking that allows you to have several different windows on the screen simultaneously. Unfortunately, to be truly useful, these functions must be first implemented by developers of mobile applications into their creations for iDevice’s.

The latest company that has updated its applications to take advantage of Apple’s technology is Google. If you install the latest version of the Google app, you are in for a treat. First, if you use one of the latest iPhones, just press a little harder on the Google icon and you can quickly initiate a standard voice search or search by images.

Regarding iPhone users, multitasking’s functionality will certainly be appreciated. Especially when you can initiate a Google search on your tablet without having to leave the app in which you are currently working in. So whether you work on a project in Microsoft Word or read a book in iBooks, a Google search is just a swipe away.

The new version of Google for iOS should be available in the AppStore for all iDevice users regardless of their location around the world. If you did not have this application installed, you should download it right away.