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Google Assistant is Being Integrated in Smart Display Devices


Amazon announced yesterday that it’s working on a new update for Alexa that will help the artificial assistant to remember difficult questions and to answer them when it has a proper answer. Well, it looks like Google doesn’t want to be left behind because it also announced that Google Assistant will now have Smart display-type of controls.

Smart Display Devices

The Android parent recently revealed that it’s working on a lineup of new Smart Display devices and that it will integrate Google Assistant into them. Therefore, people who own a smartphone that features Google Assistant will be able to control the smart display devices.

Google Assistant is Getting Better

Even though Google Assistant is renowned for being able to connect to smart home appliances, the Android parent is making sure that Google Assistant is getting better every single day. On the downside of things, Google Assistant can only give simple commands such as “turn on” or “turn off” to home appliances, but things are going to change in the upcoming future.

Upcoming Update

Google Assistant is scheduled to receive a major update in the upcoming future which improves the range of commands that it can give to home appliances, smart displays included. Google said that users will be able to use the artificial assistant to give vocal commands for things like adjusting the temperature level and changing the display brightness for example.

Improved UI

Google is not only looking to improve vocal commands since the new update will also equip Google Assistant with a new UI (user interface) that features sliders for home appliances like air conditioning. This can be seen in the featured image.

Nonetheless, what we can take form this is the fact that Google is putting all its focus towards improving Google Assistant and this is great news for Android fans since it means they will have access to the latest technology ahead of everyone else. Check out this all-in-one smart trash can for a better life.