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Google Chrome Receives a Major Update – Here are Best New Features


Chrome is celebrating its 10th year anniversary and Google is commemorating this event by launching a major update to the web browser. Chrome has a massive user base and Google doesn’t want to risk losing some of those users by rolling out big updates that change the way Chrome looks.

However, Google sees the 10th year anniversary as an opportunity to redesign the browser’s overall aesthetics by giving it a rounder look. Not just that, but Google is also adding a bunch of cool features that Chrome fans are going to enjoy.

Major Chrome Update

As already mentioned, the new update is going to make some design changes to Chrome. This is great news for Chrome fans since the web browser has looked the same for the past couple of years and change is always better. Nonetheless, today we are going to present the top features that Google is introducing alongside this latest update.

Improving the Search Bar

Chrome’s search bar is one of the most useful features that the browser brings and Google is looking to improve it. The new update makes it possible for Chrome to present search result for common queries like the weather for example directly in the search bar. This means that users are no longer required to click a second website page if they want to find out additional information.

Google Makes Passwords Stronger

If there’s something that we all can agree on about Google, then it must be the fact that the Android parent cares a lot about user security. Therefore, Google has made sure to enhance Chrome’s password storage and autofill features by adding a “password manager”. To make things even better, new Chrome users will receive strong password suggestions that will help keep their accounts safe.