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Google Drive Update Makes it Easy to Manage Files Online



Google has improved Google Drive web interface, making it easier for the users to organize and seek through the files stored in the cloud storage account

Thus, it is now possible to organize files directly from the search window using simple drag-and-drop commands to move files in any folder you want listed in the sidebar on the left of thescreen. During the operation, the structure of the folders is automatically expanded, assisting the users with the selection of any sub-folder they desire.

Similarly, the users can move files directly in the Preview section. Hence, a smaller window will open, allowing you to choose the folder where you want to place the files or even create a new folder.

Part of a broader range of changes designed to bring the functionality of Google Drive at a level comparable to other rival services, improvements to the interface complement the advanced search capabilities introduced last month, allowing users to restrict searches to certain file extensions, or timeframe.