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Google Duplex AI Will Commence With The Real Test Phase And Could Reach Users In A Few Weeks


Google Duplex, powering the Google AI assistant with a human-like voice, able to make reservations over the phone, will soon start the real tests and could reach users in a few weeks.

Google Duplex presentation was the most controversial moment at the Google I/O 2018

Google AI assistant called a hairdresser to make an appointment; the call went usually, and the person on the phone didn’t seem to notice that he was talking to a machine.

What Google did not know is that, at that time, the reactions on the Internet were one of fear, not astonishment. The company’s mistakes in the presentation were numerous, as in its drive to present new technology, it forgot about the presentation’s consequences.

Google’s AI capable of making reservations by phone was again demonstrated to the press

Since then, Google has had to address one controversy after another, first claiming that its AI would identify itself as such, and then the company had to undermine rumors saying the Google Duplex presentation at Google I/O 2018 was just a big hoax.

But that doesn’t mean that the development of Duplex has stopped, far from it.

Now Google knows that if it makes a wrong move, this project may end up in the same wastebasket as other controversial projects like Google Glass.

You can’t just move forward without calming the concerns about your products. That’s why today’s demonstration to some members of the press was so important.

At the event, representatives of publications such as Engadget or The Verge were able to test the possibilities of Google Duplex first hand, and the results and the feedback were good but not as incredible as they looked at Google I/O.

Yes, the voice sounds very human, including those parts like “ahs,” and “uhs,” which we, humans, unconsciously do when we think about what we mean.

But Google’s AI has its limitations, as Google itself has taken care to point out. Despite these minor issues Google promised to address soon, Google AI assistant powered with Google Duplex will start its real-life test phase and could reach users in the next few weeks.