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Google Duplex Artificial Intelligence Can Replace Humans in Call Centers, But Google Doesn’t Want That Just Yet


When Google unveiled Google Duplex artificial intelligence capable of making reservations over the phone as if it were a human, the presentation focused on the technological capacity to achieve what only people could do until now.

It is true that robots that answer the phone and offer solutions are not new, but it is revealing that a robot can quickly secure a reservation in a restaurant based on the possibilities offered by both the customer and the store.

The potential business use of Google Duplex

Google presented us its invention as a helping hand to customers. And consumers were stunned by the ease with which Google Duplex AI can engage in conversations with humans and make decisions or offer options on the go.

Duplex artificial intelligence is understanding the language as a human and is fascinating. However, what Google omitted during that presentation, and during the subsequent “promotional tour” with which it took Duplex to the main media, is that this AI will probably not just make reservations over the phone in the name of its users.

Google Duplex could easily replace call centers’ operators

Google is actually experimenting with ways in which Duplex can occupy other positions that are usually held by people. It was reported the Google’s AI technology could soon be sold to one company which is interested in “hiring” the robot.

In call centers, Google Duplex could replace some of the work currently done by humans.

Also, it was reported that some large companies are in the early stages of testing Google’s technology for use in other applications, such as call centers, where it could replace some of the work that humans currently do.

Among its many applications, Google demonstrated that it Google Duplex artificial intelligence can converse without sounding as uncomfortable as a robot. 90% of callers to a call center expect to talk to a person, and eight out of 10 avoid interactions with the automated operators.

“Duplex is designed to operate in particular use cases, and we are currently focused on trying out restaurant reservations, hairdresser reservations, and holiday schedules with a limited set of trusted testers,” Google said on the current use they see for their Google Duplex artificial intelligence.