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Google Focused On Taking Virtual Reality To The Next Level


With all the major tech brands of the world moving towards Virtual reality, Google has begun looking at the VR sector more seriously.

The Californian giant has already started with these proceedings by appointing Clay Bavor as the head of virtual reality.

Google has already made an entry into the virtual reality and augmented reality sector with its Google Cardboard device.

This gadget first gained worldwide focus when it allowed users to take the virtusl tour of the White House, which was not very well received by users across the world.

While some criticized the disappointing array of images, there was also a group of people who liked the idea, especially children who enjoyed watching the halls decked with Christmas decorations.

The cardboard section of Google has since then been quiet and overshadowed by other more flashy VR gadgets, like the Oculus VR, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens etc.

However, Google has taken this more seriously now. The company has already spent $380 million to acquire Bebop technologies founded by Diane Greene, just so she could be part of the Google’s board of directors and manage product management, that Clay Bavor had been handling all these days.

Greene had previously been handling Google’s Cloud business. Although Google has not confirned what the roles of Bavor or Greene would exactly be in virtual reality projects, the decision has been smart and will ensure better results, especially in terms of keeping the VR area in Google on the same page as other major VR brands.

There is no doubt that the company is trying hard to have Google Cardboard Viewer popularised.

News sources have stated that there is a rumour, Google might be aiming at providing VR support to YouTube, further ensuring that Cardboard users are able to get more content easily in future.

CES 2016 has been a huge platform for Virtual reality. The convention allowed brands to show off how they defined VR and AR. Starting from the launch of the Oculus Rift, to the uber powerful HTC Vive Pre, launched by HTC in collaboration with Steam and Valve, the VR section was all flashy and beautiful.

A lot of responses were received even by the PlayStation VR, that will be launched only by the end of 2016. It is true that VR is the future of technology and we are moving towards it with leaps and bounds.