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Google Free Wi-Fi Worldwide Scheme and Features


Free Wi-Fi – Does this sound like an attractive proposal? Of course it is! Who would not like to browse internet content without paying for any charges? Well Google is aiming to provide you with just that with its Project Loon.

Project Loon from Google is an initiative taken by Google to provide free Wi-Fi connection to the places that have no internet access.

So if you are going camping to some remote corner of the world, you might be able to stay in touch with the world.

But how is Google going to do this? Is it going to be employing satellites for this job? Not really. Instead of deploying satellites, the company is going to deploy simple high altitude balloons! Revolutionary, isn’t it? Yes it is. Google is going to place these balloons at an atmospheric height of about 18 kilometers to have the high speed internet access provided.

These balloons would keep circling the globe and will remain connected wirelessly to ground stations.

About 25 miles would be covered by each balloon in providing internet connection.

So technically, the number of balloons Google deploys would actually take care of the internet problem worldwide.

This move is expensive, but a very noble thought – it is like electrifying a village located in the middle of the desert.

Another aspect of free Wi-Fi is known as ‘Sidewalk Lab’. A sidewalk lab would be used to provide free internet to the developed areas of the world, for places like the New York or California.

Over here, Google aims at providing free internet to people who have internet requirements.

They plan to create specific areas for this purpose. The company will make use of the old public booths for adding internet connection. More than 10,000 booths are available on an average in almost every major city.

So how will Google get any fund for the project? The concept is simple – the company will use the phone booth for getting ads from companies posted.

The companies pay them for the ad space and this money keeps the Sidewalk labs going. Indeed, this is a revolutionary idea by Google.

I am still not quite sure of how the project Loon is going to be funded, but it is something beautiful – modern technology being carried around in old technology all over the sky.

Damages are sure to happen, and how Google plans maintenance is a big question, but the idea is great and everyone will benefit from it.