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Google Glass Glasses – To Buy Or Not To Buy?


Rumors of a new version of the Google Glass have been circulating for some time now, and now we get to see the first images with the next pair of intelligent glasses.

Google Glass glasses are one of the most futuristic inventions that we have seen in recent years, but proved to be so problematic and unattractive to the public. Thus, Google decided to no longer make available to consumers, and the only ones who could easily lay hands on them were developers.

Google Glass 2.0 has created high expectations among customers, and the design was an important point that Mountain View giant would have to refine, but first photos of the device show that the aspect is the one with which we are already familiar with and we can safely state that is not exactly an inspired choice.

The second version of intelligent glasses came to FCC and the picture available shows us how they will look. The gadget will be mounted over regular glasses and will have a slightly bigger prism, for better projection of the information onto the display. They have a single strap, but it is interesting how the device will stand on your head without falling.

According to still unconfirmed rumors, Google would try to push Glass gadget to the business and to the scientific environment and because of this, the manufacturer has not struggled too hard to modify the design.

Inside, is said that Google has introduced an Intel Atom processor, which should ensure better performance and open new opportunities for applications.