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Google Glass – Improved, Better and Back In Action


The world was amazed when the Google Glass was launched for the first time a couple of years ago, but slowly shied away from it for two main reasons – price and certain difficulties using it.

Most people were not even able to figure out how this glass would fit into their normal lives and the device remained in the blind spot of many for quite some time.

But this has not caused Google to deter from developing this product range any further.

The main reason for this is quite simple, the company is rapidly growing and with so much at hand they do not want to stay behind in any way and have to good head start against any company in terms of technology, especially Apple.

According to some reliable sources, the new version of the Google glass would be available with a stronger frame and will be foldable.

Portable as it is, adding to the portable will only make it more dystopian and craved by users.

An array of pictures had been released in the market and all of them showed how wonderful the glass had now become.

Hopefully now, users will be able to find a little more sense in buying the device because, as per the sources, Google has made the device more ‘enterprise oriented’.

Probably, this would mean that the device would be a good haul for people in the creative professions, like designers or digital artists, although its editing capacities are still doubtful.

A larger prism has been contemplated and if our understanding is correct, a larger prism would mean more information in front of your retina, mainly those pertaining to weather updates  and even video clips.

This is a big milestone for Google after the failure of the previous device.

The company was forced to withdraw all the products in this range from the market as soon as things like this cropped up and now, they are all set to bring the device back into the picture again.

All these were first explained by the sources on the basis of the filing that Google had done for this product with the Federal Communications Commission.

When this version of the glass would be available in the market for sale or how much it would be priced at is still a matter of discussion, but we can sure expect this version to be better than what we had seen last time.