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Google Intents to Remove Passwords – Easy Future Access


Google announced that it is considering eliminating passwords for easy user access to the services they offer, the company is currently testing how to use their version for mobile devices, without needing to constantly enter a secret word.

Because now more and more sites require passwords containing letters and numbers makes them hard to remember, and they do not ensure the security of electronic mail user to great extent. And to remove two or more steps for creating or accessing an e-mail, Google is testing a new system.

The test is done with a group of users of Google’s services, and the key to the success of this experiment is your mobile phone. It will be enough for the user to enter his e-mail address onto a new device. He will receive a message and confirm if indeed it is he who wants to access the account from another device.

The company did not disclose any information about the type of device being tested, or the number of users the system included in this program, but one of them, Rohit Paul uses a Nexus 6p mobile phone, launched in 2015, by the Mountain View and Huawei companies.

The new system will not completely remove the password, it will ask for it when it detects suspicious behavior from the user.