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Google is Tracking Your Every Move! Here’s How to Disable This Feature


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Everyone carries a smartphone in their pockets nowadays because of how useful they can be. However, what many people don’t know is that smartphones are constantly being tracked even though they might not have a SIM card installed.

Smartphones automatically connect to cellular towers and this helps network providers find the location of their users. Although, things get a little bit more complicated for smartphones that run on Android because Google tracks everything!

Location Timeline

Google has a feature called “location timeline” and it does exactly what its name implies. This feature will show all the places where your smartphone has been ever since it was turned on and to make things even worse, you don’t need to enable it in order to work! Therefore, Google will store your location details without you knowing about it.

Private Information

On the bright side of things, all the location information that Google stores is private and no one else than you can access it. However, no one likes the feeling of being tracked and therefore, today we are going to show everyone how to disable location timeline and keep Google out of the loop.

How to Disable Google’s Location Tracking Feature

The first thing that Android users need to do is to head over to Google’s “Activity Controls” webpage and then access the Settings panel. Now, select the “Web & App Activity” and disable the feature. Not just that, but now head over to the “Location History” feature and disable it by toggling the blue switch.

If you want to check out all the location data that Google has on you, then you can simply access the “MANAGE ACTIVITY” option which can also be found in the Settings panel and chose to clear all data.