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Google is working on a messaging app which is artificially intelligent app


According to the reports, Google may have many artificial intelligence projects in hands, on the other side the company is working on a new messaging app that uses artificial intelligence to provide users with full answers to solve their queries.

As per report, how will exactly this messaging service will work, as per reports there will be chatbots, which would play a significant role, according to The Wall Street Journal who were the ones who first reported the plans, their main goal is to allow the users to engage with the chatbots and other means to search results and other information.

The other feature of this intelligence app is, the users of the unnamed service could engage with the chatbots to get answers to the question and the users may also go for Google search engine.

The company would guide users to specific chatbots like the Google search engine does, as per report.

The other feature which Google may do is it will open the service to third-party developers, who would able to build their own bots to run on the service.

Though, it is not known when the messaging app would launch, Google is working on this app like from last year , and the company even acquired like 200 labs, which creates chatbots.

According to The Wallstreet Journal, the startup which will hosts the chatbots on the messaging app Telegram, as per report they declined the offer.

Google is much from the primary technical school company to integrate computer science into an electronic messaging product. Facebook, is additionally functioning on Associate in Nursing A.I.-based assistant, called M, that is an element of the company’s courier app.

Though’ M depends on a mixture of human supervisors Associate in nursing the code right away it’s still in an early experimental part Facebook can doubtless aim to cut back its dependence on humans because it appearance to expand it to a lot of individuals.

Messaging apps area unit is among the foremost well-liked apps on any platform, notably in Asia wherever apps like WeChat dominate several aspects of everyday life.

Though Google hasn’t been terribly flourishing with previous tries at social services, the corporate is probably going hoping it’ll be ready to each reach new users and keep existing ones engaged as electronic messaging platforms become a lot of present.

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