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Google Kicks Out Original Pixel And Pixel XL Phones From Google Store


Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones marked the beginning of the tech giant’s broader efforts to unify and streamline its in-house hardware.

Now, the company decided that it’s time to remove them from the online Google Store. Google confirmed the news that the devices are no longer available for purchase directly from the company.

But, whoever is still interested in purchasing them can still buy the original Pixel and Pixel XL devices in more colors and storage sizes from third-party vendors such as Amazon and Best Buy.

The smartphones compete with Apple’s and Samsung’s phones in the price

Somehow, it makes sense that these two devices have been removed from the Store as 2017’s Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have replaced them.

On the other hand, the devices have originally rivaled Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy line regarding pricing, and it was quite reassuring to know that you could purchase a new and, most importantly, original Pixel at a discount.

The devices have been released for about a year and a half and it looks like they’re already considered old-fashioned enough to be kicked out of Google Store.

You can still get the Pixel and Pixel XL on Amazon

Users who are looking for an older Android flagship that can still compete with most other phones in the price range, the original Pixel, and Pixel XL are still an excellent choice.

The Pixel is priced at $399 for the new phone and $299 for the refurbished version, and you can still get either one from Amazon before they become harder to find on the market.

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