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Google Maps 9.71 Update Offers Battery Level Info And Allows Users To Add Road Names


Google Maps is one of the most used maps and navigation app on Android and on PC as it also has a web-based version. However, the recent Google Maps 9.71 has some new cool features under the hood.

How were the under the hood features found?

The new Google Maps 9.71 version has been released yesterday and it does not look like having many visible changes.

Under the hood, however, there are some major changes, according to the developers from XDA who revealed them after an APK teardown.

An APK teardown means observing the code of an app in order to discover new features that are not visible in the app otherwise.

Users can add road names

The Google Maps 9.71 APK shows some code line which may offer users the possibility to add missing roads and streets names.

Until this version, the only way to add missing names in Google Maps was to send a feedback to Google.

Battery Level info is now available

Some code line may indicate that the new version, Google Maps 9.71, is offering battery level details for users using GoogleTalk accessibility app.

More public transit routes in Google Maps 9.71

Some code line in the new version’s APK shows that Google has improved significantly the Maps app’s public transit routes information and it is now also offering users the opportunity to share the public transit trip and to measure the time they’ve reached to their destination.

Public transit stations shortcuts

Users will now be allowed to create in-map shortcuts to their favorite public transit stations.

How to update to the new Google Maps 9.71?

Android system can automatically update apps via Play Store. However, if it is set to not download and install updates, you can still get this update, manually.

The easiest method is to install the update when Play Store prompts you a new version is available or go to the  My Apps & Games in Play Store to install updates.

At last, you can directly download Google Maps 9.71 from your favorite online APK provider.