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Google May Debut With Android M, Working on Split Screen Multitasking


There are Windows tablets that allow a user to use two apps simultaneously on a single screen, and Apple has also introduced this feature on iPads that can be updated to iOS9, Google hasn’t provide such support for such an important feature.

The design team of Alphabet Inc. is working on new updates for Android designed to make the company’s first ever tablet, Pixel C, which is a masterpiece,

According to Google’s consumer hardware director, Andrews Bowers, split-screen is design to work for Android N, which is Google’s next Android system. This is so true because of the similar reviews which the mobile device has received.

The Pixel C is so stylish looking tablet, silver in color with an aluminium build, and can be used more like a laptop.

According to Glen Murphy “they have a number of enhancements for the Pixel C including Multiwindow, with the team hopefully they can share more about this soon.

Pixel C tablet is powered by an Nvidia Tegra X1 processor and has a 10.2-inch display with resolution of 2560 x 1800. According to the reports this feature is currently being tested by the development team on the Google Pixel C tablet.

There’s also no split-screen functionality to increase productivity also. Pixel C is a tablet that was use to run on Chrome OS, but last minute changes saw Google to switch it to Android.

All these features are expected to be available as an integral part of Android N to give better multitasking feature on large screen hardware like phablets and tablets. Additional to this, the tablet is the use of magnets and Bluetooth.

The other feature is split-screen app support that was specifically mentioned that it will be coming this month. Just two months before the dual- boot feature was cancelled, and because of this Google didn’t get time to get Android app up, Google is surely working on this feature in a very rapid way