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Google Money – Send And Receive Through SMS


Google is preparing an update to Google Wallet, which will change the way you send and receive money from acquaintances. Thus, you will not have to send money through Google Wallet using your email address. Now the application will ask only the recipient’s phone number.

Google Wallet is an online payment application quite popular in America, which uses your debit card information to transfer money from one account to another. The application connects to your bank account thanks to the card information and can send or receive money from friends, acquaintances or family using their email address. This address, preferably Google, actually represents their Google account. The application only associates bank data with this account, so that each money transfer will actually go to other people’s Google accounts.

Google Wallet also uses sensor NFC (Near Field Communication) on your phone to make payments at any PayPass-style terminal in store that have this technology.

The novelty is that now you will not have to connect to the Internet to send money to the email address of someone in need, but you will simply have to enter the phone number into the application and through telephone operator it will be able to send that money. The recipient of the money will receive an SMS with a link that will send him to an address where the customer will have to enter their card data. After a few minutes, the transfer will be complete.