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Google Now Reads Messages On Your Phone – Best Features and Improvements


The newest update for Google Now allows you to be more careful while driving, instead of looking at the phone screen to read messages.

In theory, we all know that when you’re driving it would be good to dedicate your full attention to the road and to other participants in the traffic. Unfortunately, the mobile phone does a surprisingly good job in distracting us. Even after a series of very macabre advertising campaigns meant to deter us from sending text messages while driving, few manage to abstain using the phone, especially when receiving a series of short messages that make you think it is something important. Luckily, the people at Google are well aware of the dramatic statistics on the careless driving and have the power to do something to influence the situation.

If you’re using an Android mobile phone and have Google Now active, when you receive new messages, simply ask, and the phone will read them to you. While your eyes are staring ahead to other cars in traffic, you can you just say: “OK Google, show me my last messages”. Immediately you will hear the last five messages received read, but you also have access to several additional options all through voice commands. After each message, you will be asked if you want it to repeat the message, if you want to answer it or if you want to read the following, all of these using words only. It would be ideal to apply this system to more than five messages, but it still helps a lot.

It is important to remember the word “Show” in the initial command. This is especially important because if you say “Read”, it will initiate a search on the internet, instead of triggering the reading text messages feature. The reason for this behavior is still unclear, but the solution is too simple not to take advantage of.