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Google Now: Take Control of Your Smartphone by these 9 Commands


Google has been constantly introducing changes to the way things work, and voice based commands are the next big thing.

Google Now also works partially as a portal to the Google search engine allowing you the luxury to ask anything like the length of the Great Wall or when is the new Star Wars movie is coming and your digital assistant shall answer all your questions.

The app will also be able to control some specific features on your phone. By 9 commands you can make Google Now access those features.

These 9 commands only work in the latest version of Google Now app which is only available for Android.

The version that is available on iOS does not have a direct control over the smartphone so iPhone users will have to stick to Siri for now.

The 9 commands are as follows.

  1. Turn thewifi and Bluetooth on or off

Google Now is able to make changes in some of the settings including wifi and Bluetooth. If you say “turn Bluetooth on” or “turn Bluetooth off” then you will see the setting appear on the screen and the suggested action will be taken (you can also from there manually tap to turn it on or off) the same applies for wifi.

  1. Turn the flashlight on or off

The flashlight feature can also be controlled by Google Now. Just by saying “turn flashlight on” or “turn flashlight off” Google Now will do the job for you. It may come in handy for people who have difficulty finding their smartphones at night in their bed.

  1. Read out your text messages

If you say “read my messages” or “show my messages” then Google Now will bring up the last 5 messages, you can also commad it to read them out loud and you can also dictate a reply which may come in handy while driving.

  1. Launch apps

You can now command “open…” followed by the apps name and Google Now will instantly pop open the required app. It has been tested for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail etc. you can also open a website as long as you can pronounce the URL correctly and clearly.

  1. Play music

The “play music” command will prompt Google Now to play the songs as per your previous listening history.

  1. Call and text your contacts

Commanding “call…” or “text…” followed by a contact name will prompt Google Now to call or text that particular contact. You can even dictate the whole message.

  1. Set alarms

By instructing “set an alarm” you can directly set an alarm with only your voice, however if you want to change the tune to wake up to then you will have to do it manually.

  1. Change brightness and volume levels

You can’t actually change the brightness levels by just a command but you can jump to the setting by mentioning any of the two and change it manually.

  1. Take photos and videos

You can say “open camera” to launch the camera or “record a video” to open the camera in video mode. By commanding “take a photo” this command will prompt Google Now to give you the list of apps installed that has the ability to take a photo.