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Google Photos Now Gets Shared Albums – Read The Details:


Eighteen years ago there were only two main markets of information technology, Software market and the Hardware market. Microsoft has been the dominant force of the software market while Apple has been dominating the hardware markets. But eighteen years ago came Google creating its own market today recognized as the world of internet technology.

In a comparatively short time Google has managed to progress in leaps and bounds in the internet technology. They also compete in various other markets. Bringing innovative features in day to day life of a common man has been the motive behind some of the latest releases from Google. Google Photos

The application ‘Google Photos’ which was released recently, in the month of May 2015 has received a new update where the users can make ‘Shared Albums’.

This is a pretty basic feature yet a feature where we and our loved ones can come a little bit closer through the internet. This feature enables the users to create and share an album with their friends or family. According to Google, “People receiving the shared album can join to add their own photos and videos, and also get notifications when new pics are added. You can even save photos and videos from a shared album to your Google Photos library, so that you can hold onto them even if you weren’t the one holding the camera.”

The beauty of the new feature seems to be in its simplicity. It is very easy to use and to create a ‘Shared Album’.  You just need to select the photos you want to share and select the people you want to share those pictures with and those people will also be able to add more photos or videos to that particular album. All the people in that album will get notification of new content added to the album.

The said update is meant to bring the loved ones closer through the internet. Do you have some family or friends staying far away from you and feel the need to share pictures of particular interests and looking forward to what they have to add to your collection? If yes then this update has been released on both android and iOS. Go and get closer to your loved ones.