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Google Play Books – Want Less Exertion While Reading Books at Night?


Google play books now makes easier for the users to read books at late night without any exertion on eyes.

In today’s world, where books are becoming old and new devices are coming like on daily basis with brand new features for the consumers to use it in their daily life and making novels or different books much cheaper to read in comparsion to old times, where reading books was a expensive affair because of apps like Google Play Books.

Basically, reading books on your tablets and smartphones may hurt your eyes, but like in this new era people usually don’t get time and they love reading their books at night just before they go to sleep.

This is the new trend in today’s modern world.

There is a blue light which emanates mainly from PC’s, tablets, smartphones and computer screens which may lead us to serious disorders and illness.

The best thing to avoid this kind of mental strain, usually we switch from books to e-book or e-ink ebook reader to give less strain to our eyes and it’s also a very nice platform for reading books.

But for those who can’t buy or obtain an e-book reader there is Google Play Books option for them.

Surely users love google apps and the people who are in love with reading books, they surely love the Google Play Books as there is a wide variety of books under that app.

The best feature in this app as discussed is the reduction in blue light where the users who read books at night will have to face less strain as there will be less blue light coming out from there tablets or smartphones.

Amazon was the first to introduce the Blue Light Shade feature in the first week of this December.

Google new light feature is almost same as amazon and the users will find it in Google Play Book app.

It calculates the day time and automatically starts adjusting the blue light, and use more smooth and warm color in night time that will be much soothing for the user to read at night.

According to the doctors, there is a hormone in human body known as Melatonin which is secreted when a person gives strain while reading books on PC’s or tablets and smartphone, this melatonin is usually secreted from the body which may harm our body and may lead to disorder.

So this Google Light feature update will help the book lovers who love reading books more on tablets or on smartphones and will be safe from the blue light.

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