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Google play music offers 3 month Subscription for $1 – Big Holiday Deals


Tech giants are offering great deals and offers this Christmas, the interested users can look over the app store and avail this offer and promo and may subscribe for three months for just $1.

The new play music will be for those users who wants to save some money this holiday.

In previous deal, they offered for 1 month subscription and that too it was trial period by Google Play Music and later on for next couple of months the users were billed for $9.99, so three month subscription is a big saving for the users who are new to this beautiful app.

With a number of consumers likely to be giving or receiving Android devices over Christmas, offering a reduction for a subscriber service such as Play Music is probably a good way to introduce new Android device owners to the service and maybe even manage to keep them subscribing once the three-month period has ended,” wrote Android Headlines.

The Google Play Music also gives users the fun of commercial free videos on YouTube Red and the users will also be getting the full fun of YouTube Music app.

And the users will also be getting the option to buy full album at half price on this Christmas.

Other items from the app store which are going on sale are many, but the best one is Minecraft deal, which will now be offered at just $0.10.

The hit video games will be coming at a retail price of $4.99, other offers which include, albums will be flat 50 percent off as mentioned above, book discounts are upto 80 percent off and movie rentals at 75 percent off, as per reports.

Some of the selected apps will also be getting discount rates of upto like 90 percent.

And these holiday offers on Games, books, music and other media content will only be available for those users who reside from countries like the US, Uk, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Brazil and mexico.