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Google Play Store 8.2.32 Update Available With Better Stability


The Google Play Store is great. It’s the place every new Android user visits eventually, and it’s the place Android users also return to most often. Surely anyone that uses Google’s operating system can recall the first time they’ve shyly opened the Google Play Store and typed in the name of their favorite application in the search bar.

The Google Play Store is great for finding anything you want to have installed on your phone and there’s nothing more convenient than having an app for your app shop, directly on your phone.

The Google Play Store app

The application that resides proudly in every Android phone’s app drawer is the direct connection that udders have with the store platform pertaining to the Android operating system. While you access it frequently and constantly use it download new apps, games and tools, have you considered that it might also require updating?

Yes, just like any other app on your phone, you have to update the Google Play Store app so that you benefit from the latest implementations coming directly from Google. With each new patch, more stability implementations are made and more work is being done on the app so that users just like you can enjoy their stay on the store app as much as possible.

What’s new?

Just like the previous iterations of the Google Play Store updates, this one brings about more functionality boosters and performance tweaks that overall make the app a safer, more reliable and enjoyable platform.

Sure, there is no fancy, flashy and jaw dropping features released for apps like these, but the work Google is doing is more important than any flashy gimmick feature.

The top functions of the Google Play Store

Contrary to popular belief, the Google Play Store isn’t just used for shopping. It’s also a place where Android users can go to review their app collection but also manage it.

There are tabs within the store platform that lead to the user’s app collection section. Here, users can manage what apps are directly updated and which apps are deleted or ignored from future updates.

Sure, this might seem a little overdramatic when you only have a handful of apps to worry about, but when you have a huge storage capacity on your handset and it’s full of installed apps, managing them one by one without the help of the Google Play Store might be a little difficult.

Installing the Play Store update

You can go the traditional route and search for the app in the Play Store itself, then click on the update button, or download the APK file online and copy it over to your phone, installing it manually.