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Google Play Store Announces up to 50% Discount on in-app Purchases


The Google Play Store has over a million apps to download for the Android users to download as per their needs and convenience on their own respective devices, and because of that the Play Store is in fact one of the largest repositories of mobile applications in the world.

Apart from some exceptions of quite a few premium apps that require you to pay up front in order to be able to use them, we will find that most of the apps these days around are free to download and install. Quite often you will notice there is most likely a catch to all these ‘free’ applications.

While there are many apps that are absolutely free to use without any kind of restrictions, many other apps include some premium features that can only be unlocked if you pay for them.

Frequently known as ‘freemium’, these kind of apps offer certain premium features in themselves which can only be unlocked by purchasing them, more commonly known as the in app purchases.

These kind of apps have been in controversies in the recent years having angried even the R&B singer Kanye West, he complained about how these apps were made to aim at children and how his own daughter ends up paying way too much money for these freemium apps.

Certainly year after year, these types of games are becoming normal, with a whole lot of games around these days does fall under the freemium category.

In these games, the casual gamers are able to get through without paying with the actual version which is free, but the serious gamers could not resist the temptation of exploring everything thus having to spend their money on such apps to experience all the features.

This is where Google with its offer comes in, as the company is already offering up to 50% discounts on the in app purchases across all the available games in the Play Store. It is reported that 57 games are a part of the offer as of now.

Each and every single one of those 57 games, all are free to download and install and thus the discount which has been offered is available for in-app purchases only.

Google keeps on handing out such offers time to time and it looks like whatever its doing with Android is paying off.

Reports suggest that Google has earned up to $ 31 Billion just from Android operations, it is not yet official but it shows us what kind of a ball park Google is involved in.