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Google Play Store Update Contains a New User Interface


Google Play Store holds the title of being the world’s biggest hub for smartphone apps and games. The platform receives a constant stream of updates which enhance it even further. In fact, the Android parent has been putting most of its focus on the Play Store lately. The reason we are saying this is because Play Store received numerous updates during these past couple of days and one of them includes a new user interface.

Google Play Store 8.2.56 Version

The new 8.2.56 version of Google Play Store brings a bunch of changes to the user interface. The design has been revamped with only one purpose in mind, and that’s to make it easier for people to discover new apps and fun mobile games. Additionally, the user interface now features a dedicated “Games” panel which replaced the classic Music, Movies and Books tab.

Numerous Deals

If the new user interface doesn’t seem to be enough motivation to download the new Play Store, then maybe the fact that there are a bunch of apps and games deals will do the trick. For example, Dinosaur Assassin, Zombie Fortress, Escape Games and Ice Age Hunter Pro are available for free during the next five days.

Latest APK

In order to get access to the latest version of Google Play Store, interested readers will need to download the latest APK file. Worth noting is that Android fans need to own a smartphone that runs on at least Android 4.0.1 to be viable with Google’s latest version of the Store.

Smooth Experience

The new update also contains a bunch of bug fixes which enhance Google Play Store’s user experience. The platform now feels smoother and easier to access. Lastly, Android fans are advised to update anytime a new patch is available since it always includes cool new features and bug fixes.