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Google Play Stores Offers Free Chromecast for Users


You must already have heard of the fact that Google Play Store has begun giving away free credit to Chromecast users – let us look into a few interesting details of the offer and more offers that have been rolled out for the holiday season!

  • Offer is currently available only for US citizens: Harsh but true. Chromecast users in the US only can get about $6 credit from the Google Play Store.
  • Credit can be claimed on the Google Play Store’s Chromecast page: Yes, you would have to access the Play Store Chromecast page to get the credit.
  • Offer is available to all Android Streaming devices – Absolutely correct! Regardless of the device you own, if it is an Android Streaming device, credit is yours. You may own a NVDIA Shield TV, Razer Forge, Smart TV from Sony or Nexus Player, but you will still get the credit.
  • Credit is given per device you own: Not completely correct. A maximum of $12 can be received – so if you own five streaming devices, you’ll credit only for two. Sorry about that one mate!
  • Offer will not be rolled out for any other country: Not true. Or rather, let us put it as we do not know. The offer may reach other countries as well.
  • You can get the offer online: Yes, but you will have to first set up the Chromecast or streaming device and access your Google Account. After this, go to the https://cast.google.com/chromecast/offers/ page and continue to avail your offers!

Other Offers released for Canadian citizens:

  • On purchase of a Chromecast users in Canada can get $20 to cast TV shows, movies and more on Google Play.
  • Spotify Premium will be free for 90 days for new users. It will be an ad free version and a lot of music will be included. Rentals charged after 90 days, if you like the offer that is, will be $9.99 every month.
  • Purchase of a Chromecast device will let users enjoy unlimited music from Google Music Play completely free of charge for a period of for 90 days. This offer will be valid till January 31, 2016.
  • On purchase of a Chromecast, and on successful set up, one Movie rental on Google Play would be provided.

Lucrative offers have started rolling out for the Christmas and new year, so rush to make the best use of it!

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