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Google proves to be more valuable than Apple in terms of company values


The war between Apple and Google has continued to rage ever since the two have come into existence. This war spills into the products they launch, the services they provide and also in the kind of revenues the two earn.

Recently there has been an earnings call in which most of the big brands were able show of their recent value and how much they have been able to earn. In this earnings call it was disclosed that Google had apparently proved to be more valuable than Apple.

This comes as a shocking revelation for the users of both companies. Google’s parent company Alphabet has very proudly declared that its earnings were higher than what Apple had been earning.

This is not the first time that such differences have been seen. Apple and Google have been competing in terms of earnings very much like drag racers compete to reach a finish line. The only difference here is that the finish line keeps moving farther and farther away just like a mirage, with the improvements in technology.

According to the reports from CNN  a sudden rise in the share value of Alphabet has made Google the highest value company in the world. This victory was only by hair’s breadth.

While the shares of Google are currently priced at $533.4 billion, Apple was close at heels with a company valuation of $532.7 billion even with a one percent drop in stocks.

Surprisingly the price of Apple shares has risen once more again with a very minor difference. Apple is again at a higher position but this might only be momentary as the unpredictable condition of stock might again put Google at the ruling position tomorrow.

The financial earnings report from Alphabet is going to be presented tomorrow and post this analysts around the world are expecting huge shift in numbers. The earnings call, according to some analysts is going to put the total revenue growth of Google at a profit of 15 to 20 percent per share.

Despite Apple being at a higher note now its trend in last several months have been that of a decline in share value. What was 740 billion dollars in early 2015 has come down to roughly 540 billion dollars today which is not a very healthy figure.

Alphabet can only be given credit if it closes the gap by rising up to Apple’s level and not by Apple’s company value depreciation.