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Google Removes Malware Applications from the Play Store


Recently, Google has removed no less than 13 compromised applications from Play Store.

The company from Mountain View seems to have recently had a number of problems with the online store for Android applications. As people write on Phonearena, Google recently removed 13 compromised applications from its Play Store. Apparently, once installed, they would have tried to obtain a similar access level to that achieved through root. Moreover, these applications would have installed afterwards other malware apps without the user’s permission or even informing him about this.

The 13 applications recently removed from the Play Store were even games, so it would have been more easily accessible by a large number of people. Those who had not carried out root they could easily escape through a factory data reset. If your phone was rooted, it seems that the only solution would be a complete reinstallation of the Android operating system.

Some of the applications have used a malware called Brain Test, and some publications estimate that those could not be the only ones. It is advisable to check now if you have ever installed any of the removed applications.