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Google To Replace Passwords With Smartphones:


Over the past 18 years, Google has been a company which has shown a massive growth and has been growing in leaps and bounds. What started off as just a search engine is today way more than just that. Today, Google offers the users with the ability to do much more, it has brought the power of internet to your palms, and has been one of the biggest factors in enhancing the markets of internet technology. It is with the help of Google’s developments in the world of technology that we are able to dream far more than what we thought. With them working towards a self-driving cars division and robotics technology, we never know what the future might be like! The company is now working on a new method of logging in! Google has been working on a technology to replace passwords with smartphones, i.e. our phones as authentication devices.

Reddit user rp1226 posted the following on a group on Tuesday – We’ve invited a small group of users to help test a new way to sign-in to their Google accounts, no password required,” a Google spokesperson said. “‘Pizza’, ‘password’ and ‘123456’, your days are numbered.” 1450839047396

This has been something which has actually been becoming quite a trend. Yahoo users too, started getting this update in October where the company has intended to replace passwords with smartphones. This feature was called the ‘account key’ feature, and when you sign on to your Yahoo email from a device, a push notification will flash on your phone, to verify that its actually you who is logging in.

Apple Pay too has replaced passwords with smartphones based authentication – as they require fingerprints, which is an even more secure form of transactions. Also, the thing worth noticing here is, that Google is not letting the passwords go away, but will be keeping them as a secondary  priority, with these ‘one time passwords’ being the primary preference.

This has indeed been quite an example of progressive thinking and a positive mindset by Google, as the world of technology progresses further. Changes happen very quickly in this world of technology, and the world at large has been embracing these changes as they come. Google has been the harbinger of this change and has been helping bring these changes forward.


  1. Who will be pleased?

    However nicely designed and implemented, physical tokens, cards and phones are easily left behind, lost, stolen and abused. Then the remembered password would be the last resort.

    And, in a world where we live without remembered passwords, say, where our identity is established without our volitional participation, we would be able to have a safe sleep only when we are alone in a firmly locked room. It would be a Utopia for criminals but a Dystopia for most of us.

    Incidentally, biometrics are dependent on passwords in the cyber space. So are multi-factor authentications and ID federations like password-managers and single-sign-on services. Passwords will stay with us for long.

    It is too obvious, anyway, that the conventional alphanumeric password alone can no longer suffice and we urgently need a successor to it, which should be found from among the broader family of the passwords (= what we know and nobody else knows).

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