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Google To Take Away Link Shortener Service


Google has recently announced that it is going to give up on its own link shortening service, so you might need to look for an alternative in the near future.

Google, or Alphabet’s services?

Google has a lot of services and products you use constantly in order to ease up your daily errands. If we were to be very strict, however, we would be talking about Alphabet, the parent company of Google, which has a plethora of available services, almost one for every letter of the alphabet.

As time went, new services were made available of course, while others were left to die. In the near future you will need to prepare yourself for the extinction of one of those services, which might be very useful to you right now.

Shortening links made convenient and useful

If link shortening was in the past a very good way to rickroll your friends, now it is more of an useful thing to do in lots of situations. Short links are even a necessity, especially in social media environments.

You probably already know of Google’s link shortener, known as goo.gl. It was initially launched in 2009, and then it became stronger, with the help of a third-party API. It started offering the possibility of creating QR codes instead of links and other useful functions, too. Unfortunately, the Internet titan is giving up on goo.gl, in favor of another service.

Google is giving up on goo.gl

Therefore, starting with April 13th, you will not be able to create short links by the use of goo.gl. You will, instead, need to rely on the new Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). The short links you have already created will remain active and you will be able to access the console until the date of March 30, 2019.

Once that date hits, the admin console of goo.gl short links will stop functioning, too, so you will be forced to orient yourself towards other similar services.

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