Home Technology Google Unveils Lifelike AI Experience Via Google Duplex At Google I/O 2018

Google Unveils Lifelike AI Experience Via Google Duplex At Google I/O 2018


Google Duplex might just be the world’s most lifelike computer. Google I/O 2018, Google’s annual developer conference was detailed in a lot of articles that shared the highlights.

There’s also a report about how Google Duplex and Google Assistant can handle calls.

The interesting thing is that there isn’t any reactive chatbot or voice interactive system and technology is not used by the support center when a customer calls with various issues and questions. Instead, this is a proactive assistant for consumers who will make a phone call.

This assistant interacts with the person who is on the other end as if it were human. For instance, it even uses confirmation phrases and can match humans’ voice patterns and even pace of conversation.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai showed the technology with a recording of the two conversations. You can listen to both of them here.

AI is reaching higher heights 

We’re entering an age when conversations with computers are reaching some new levels of reliability and quality. Of course, there is still room for more improvements, but as we can see in the demos, the technology is only getting better and better.

AI’s capabilities of interacting with humans on a deeper level still have a long way to go.

Even with such lifelike conversations and the ability for computers to recognize the mood of the other person, the technology still has a long way to go in order to be used for more than for rudimentary and straightforward interaction.

Now, the lifelike chatbot experience is around the corner, and the AI-powered voice experience is not too far behind.

What’s more exciting is that this sort of technology is slowly but surely accepted for business use, so if you are not already using some kind of AI, you should consider it.