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Google Update Will Let You Install Apps From Search Engine – PlayStore Access Not Required


Google is really taking things to a whole new level now. Be it device, driverless cars or operating systems, every move of this company is aimed towards making users more comfortable.

There is another update that the world is awaiting and will make every user even happier. The company is planning to make sure that users find it even easier to use the OS and apps like before.

An important update, that would free users from the hassles of visiting the PlayStore for app installations and updates might be in line.

The update will now allow users to download and install applications from the Google search app itself. Now, Android users can simply type the name of the application in the search bar in Google search app and when the search results are returned, they will be able to see the install button next to it.

The user will simply need to click on install and the app will be downloaded and installed just the same way as it would be done had you visited the app store for your app requirement, which is a good development.

This report was posted on the internet by Android police, who cited the example of Candy Crush Saga, the game that is played across the globe.

The same explanation was given; if you typed Candy Crush Saga in the search app of Google, the search results would appear with the install button next to it and it would be made to work in a way similar to installations from the app store, if that button is clicked.

This feature was in the making since the initial steps taken in November 2015, where the company allowed users to stream the applications across the globe right from the search engine instead of installing it, so that the user could decide whether he really needed the application, so he could decide whether he wanted to buy it or not.

This would help in careful selection of apps before the user paid for it, consequently saving unnecessary expenditure.

Volunteers to the beta program have access to some of the upcoming features of Google already.

They get a chance to try out all the features and share the feedback, report problems and recommend it to other users, which in turn makes it possible for the company to finalize on the feature after taking proper feedback from the users.

More updates are yet to come from Google and News4C will keep you posted of the same.