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Google Updates Much Better Maps on iPhone


Google has been a big name if we talk in terms of technology from eighteen years, google is becoming more and more powerful.

The company today stands in a good league with big tags like Microsoft and Apple.

The company is known for its search engine and is improving day by day more.

The company has numerous employees who are working very hard that’s the reason google is standing in this position in today’s world.

It has Youtube and google and is known well for its web presence.

Google is achieving much more than expected by them and they are becoming more and more powerful every passing minute.

According to recent reports, Google has made an update on iPhone Maps app.

The update which has been done includes the fuel prices and a good feature which tell the consumers about the busiest stores nearby and far by stores too.

In addition google has also updated about the festival and holiday shopping season.

According to the reports, there are millions of locations which are monitored.
And the fuel prices is running well in US and Canada.

The maps are performing better than Mapquest and Waze, as you can get walking, driving and public transit directions as well and it’s map is much more accurate than most.

Overall google maps are unbeatable, the update in iPhone is responding very good by the consumers as there are 10k downloads already by the consumers and according to the recent research the customers are giving positive comments on accuracy that you get lost if you are going from one place to another not known off.

The google update will tell you the exact location and in easy way to find out, customers can also speak up the location the map will automatically starts the navigation.

Above all Google maps continue to lead the GPS packet through it’s excellent maps, generous features and generous reliability.

How much do you rely on the new update from google on your iPhone device? Do share and comment below your experience.