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Google Weather On Google Now Card Updated


A company known for their excellence in the world of internet technology, Google has been around the markets for quite a while now.

In the last eighteen years of its existence, Google has been rising up the ranks quite quickly and has been doing some good business.

The company has been coming out with many new releases, updates and upgrades which have helped them grow quite well in the markets.

The latest that we hear from Google indicates that the company is now working on a new and improved Google Weather which can be seen on the Google Now card.

The Google Now service provides the users with ‘cards’ which show them personalized and relevant  information based on their interest.

The company has been coming out with various updates and upgrades for their devices, and the latest that they have come out with is an update for the Google Weather on Google Now Card.

The new Google Weather update adds a whole new charm to the existing system as it brings in a colored layout where colors on the card change depending on the time of the day.

The new layout can also be maximized and is essentially an app in itself. The new layout also brings in a new assistant, a frog-like creature who changes his appearance based on the weather on that particular day.

The new update for Google Weather now shows us more detailed information than it ever did in the past.

The previous versions used to show only the highs and lows of the temperature on that particular day.

However it now shows a more detailed information such as sunrise and sunset timings. Air pollution levels and health tips have also become a part of this new update.

Google has tried to make the weather app much stronger, and has managed to do so quite successfully.

The company has managed to come out with a much better UI and has delighted the users with this update.

However this update is yet to roll out for all the users as it has come out for only a select few users, as if Google is doing a beta test.

This update is expected to come for all users in the coming weeks and will add a whole new charm to the Google Now service.