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Google’s Billion Dollar Payment To Apple Put The google Search Bar On The iPhone Screen


The internet that we see and use today is an economy of its own. Sakes, purchases, contracts, bonds revenue through ads and pays per click are all a part of the big money game that is always on in the internet.

And believe it or not, the average user is in the middle of it all. Starting from the moment h3 opens his browser right to the tim3 he shuts it down, it is he and his choices that will serve as the source of income for the site he visits and for the ads he clicks on.

Something like this is applicable for iOS device users as well, who use their device without even knowing why something is present on their home screens by default.

Along these lines, if you are an iOS device user, let me ask you, why is there a Google search ber on the screen of your device?

You might not be aware that the search bar you see on your screen is the result of thetruce between Google and Apple.

This truce cost Google a billion US dollars andhad been kept secret, until Oracle exposed these details in a court hearing.

Oracle has been at loggerheads with Google ever since it realised that Google was using Java to build Android without paying the company anything for the same.

The lawyer from Oracle’s side was very confident when he mentioned that Google had made a payment of $1 billion to Apple just for making itself the default search engine if the iOS devices and that almost 34 percent of the ad revenue was also being Shared.

Google immediately defended their structure but the cat was already let out of the bag. What only had been a rumor was now a proven fact; a billion dollar truce was indeed existent.

The companies have nevertheless covered their tracks. Being labeled as as sensitive information, the companies have sealed of all sources of information that could have pointed to this fact.

However, it is too late and we have got confirmation on what we thought was only a rumor. As of now, matters are tense both at California and at Cupertino – the cat’s out of the bag already!