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Google’s Chatbot Messaging App: A Sneak-Peak


Google is a company which has been one of the most successful business models of recent times. While Apple were dominating the hardware markets, Microsoft were dominating the Software markets Google came and gave a whole new dimension to the Internet Technology as we know it with their offerings. Facebook has now followed closely by specializing on the social media front.

Google is the most used search engine on the Internet. Lately, the company has tried their hand in the communications business area with Google Hangout messenger. But the messaging services have been a mile behind Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger. Even Tencent’s WeChat is the number one app used in China.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google is currently working on a brand new mobile messaging service. It is said that the new project is under the leadership of Google old timer Nick Fox.

The new messaging service is expected to come with a software program that answers any questions inside the messaging app. The software is currently called as Chatbot. Chatbot will search the web and go through any information to answer the questions asked by the users.

According to the WSJ Nick Fox and his team has been working on this messaging service for almost a year now.Mr. Fox tried to buy 200 Labs. Inc., it is a small chatbot building startup. 200 Labs. Inc. declined the lucrative offer from Google.

200 Labs. Inc. has developed a rating service for chatbots. It is a messaging app that offers 100s of chatbots for different things like news, weather, dating, etc. 200 Labs. Inc. is said to be working on an app that will determine the best chatbot to choose from.

Google are trying to keep up with the technology which is about to revolutionize how an individual searches. If the already famous mobile messaging services such as WhatsApp or WeChat get the chatbots then people will automatically reduce the amount of times they search on Google.Hence it is said that Google are doing the smart thing to remain the IT giant that they are today.

In the era of chatbots, the users won’t have to go to Google’s search engine to look for anything, instead the users would simply have to type in their queries as a text message to the chatbot and they will get the most relevant results.

There is no news on what name of Google’s new messaging service app would be or when the app will be ready.Do you think Google can perform better than the WhatsApp and WeChat of today’s world? Comment below and let us know.