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Google’s Skybender Project Solar Powered Drones Could Provide 5G Internet


Internet is never really fast enough. Be it 3G or 4G, we can never be satisfied with the kind of speed that we are currently getting, such is the need for getting smoother access to the internet.

Google seems to be completely geared towards making life easier for those of us who really want blazing internet speeds.

The recent developments on Project skybender could be the initiator for the launch of 5G internet pretty soon.

You’ll be surprised at the way things have taken a turn and how the internet will be relayed to us in future, if the news about the project is to be true.

A recent report has revealed that Google apparently is making experiments with new drones in Spaceport America, which will be solar powered.

Just like they had worked out the high altitude hot air balloons to deliver internet over remote areas, these solar flyers that will come with internet connectivity will be responsible for delivering high internet speeds to users across the globe, especially to those in remote places, where internet is a far fetched dream.

Google started with this project only in summer last year, and has since them made a lot of these flyers. These are currently in testing phase and are being kept at the 15,000 square feet area in Spaceport America, which will be dedicated solely to Project Skybender.

This space apparently belongs to Richard Branson, who is a multibillionaire and is currently receiving rent from Google For this space. Google is also setting up a flight control in this area for better coordination.

The waves transmitted through these flyers will be millimeter based radio waves. The millimeter based radio transmission technology is responsible for delivering speeds that are unimaginable – almost 40 times more than what current 4G LTE offers to users.

Google’s current drone is testing is the Centaur, which has been prepared by Google Titan section.

This drone is being regularly deployed to test the millimeter based radio transmission technology and to check if the dreamed 5G transmission really works at the expected speeds.

We do not know for how long Centaur has been tested, but there has been word that no concrete results would be available before July.