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Google’s virtual reality tour of the White House- Ist it Really Worth All The Hipe ?


Google has constantly been coming up with new and attractive options to cater to the needs of it’s of it’s users.

By far the most important ones are gmail, google play store, google maps, etc.

There are some other services that have been launched as well but have not been publicized that much.

One such service is google Expeditions which is a service rendered to those schools that allow use of smart phones for educational purposes. It also caters to individual google Cardboard VR users as well.

This service was launched in September. Another service that remained in the dark was google’s jump platform whch is a 16 camera VR setup and can be used to take Panoramic images and 360 degree videos of places.

This VR setup has been used to churn out images and videos of the White House in all it’s Christmas splender and that have been put together to create a VR tour for users who are interested to see the White House.

The tour can be taken by users of the expedition program and google Card board users It can also be accessed by people who have subscribed to the White House official youtube channel.

If  you are watching this video on youtube, it will seem like a normal video to you.

However if you choose to strap on your favorite VR headset you can take a look around the building and also be able to click and drag your way along each picture.

The effort by google unfortunately has not paid of very well. VR video should actually be able to give a user a feel of being present at that location, but the tour does not even come close to that.

It has been incorrect to name this effort as a VR tour; it would had been more relevant should google have chosen to name it ‘ Google White House Documentary ‘.

Honestly speaking it’s nothing but a series of pictures and videos lacking clarity even when put on high resolution. Infact you can not find too much of a difference between this VR tour and the documentary of the White House produced by The New York Times with the help of Vrse.

However even in it’s miserable condition one can clearly notice that the work done by jump’s stitching software has done an excellent job putting together the captured videos from all those 16 cameras.

Even the pictures have been so well joint that you can not make out if it’s one image or multiple images put together.

To conclude we can say that your children can benefit from this video but for an adult the tour an only show how outputs from 16 cameras can be combined to appear as one.


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