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Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Not Launch This Year


We have some bad news for GTA fans, Rockstar Games is not in any hurry to launch another installment in the franchise. The reason behind this is pretty simple, the game developer is still generating huge profits of GTA 5. The latter is one of the most popular games ever made and it’s still selling well to this day. In fact, reports are showing that GTA 5 recently managed to reach the 70 million copies sold milestone.

Different Projects

Leaving the money aspect aside, Rockstar Games is not a one trick pony. What we mean by that is that the game developer is working on different projects right now and it’s not putting all of its focus on the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The game developer is reportedly adding the finishing touches to Red Dead Redemption 2 at the moment. Rockstar Games has even announced that RDD 2 is going to be launched in the fall of this year. With that being said, fans of the franchise should not wait for GTA 6 to come out this year.

Next-Gen Consoles

The entire gaming community has been taken by storm yesterday when Microsoft decided to upload Project Scorpio’s full specs list. This device is going to be Microsoft’s next-gen console and it will be able to provide owners with impressive 4K HDR game graphics. Sony is also expected to come out with its next-gen console now that Microsoft has unveiled Project Scorpio. Therefore, Rockstar Games is surely waiting for the two next-gen consoles to be released until it starts developing GTA 6.

Both Microsoft and Sony have yet to confirm when their next-gen consoles will be officially launched, but we can expect that to happen somewhere around 2020. That’s quite a long time and Rockstar Games might have to take in consideration the fact that its fans will start losing their enthusiasm along the way. Maybe the game developer will first start working on the PC edition and then just launch the console version one year later. We can’t know anything for sure right now. However, we can be sure that Rockstar Games is definitely going to create another GTA game in the upcoming future.