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Group Video Calling For Skype Users On Android, iOS, Windows Mobile


The world of communication technology has been changing faster than ever before, and a large number of companies have been expanding the range of services that they have been offering.

Many companies have diversified this range of offering of theirs in order to tap into bigger and newer markets, and this has been the success story for many firms, including the giants in the world of technology, Microsoft, Apple and Google. What separates these names from the rest of the companies is the fact that not just are they tech firms, but business houses too!

The companies are running a business and they know that they have to constantly keep grabbing the attention of their users in order to stay in the business. The user attention span has fallen to such lows that one mistake might be the end of your business! The acquisition of Skype was an important move for Microsoft, and 2016 marks the 10th birthday of Skype!

Skype, which has been the pioneer when it comes to the world of communication technology has been giving the users the ability to communicate over voice and video for a very long time.

They are masters of VoIP technology and have been among the very first names in the markets to actually provide this facility to everyday users. Skype for mobile devices too has been quite a success, but faces threat from other growing messenger services such as WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts and the like.

In order to combat this competition, Skype for Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile has now received a new update which allows them free group video calling. This feature empowers the users to make video calls to multiple people, and see all of them on video at the same time.

This feature used to be a ‘business’ edition feature for Skype and was a premium service, but in light of the rising competition from names like WhatsApp (which is heavily rumoured to release a video calling feature) the company has decided to make it open for all, and for free.

Microsoft were fore-warned, and Microsoft are fore-armed! The company has taken a major step forward to ensure that their brand does not get washed out, and the next 10 years may not be a smooth ride, but the company wants to ensure it’s not a rather bumpy ride either.

This group video calling update for Skype mobile users will be coming out in the ‘coming weeks’, as per the company.