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GTA 5 Mobile v.108 APK + OBB Data Update Available for Download


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GTA 5 is considered to be one of the most successful games ever made. As the game’s name implies, this is the fifth installment in the highly popular GTA franchise. Sadly, the game is available only on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The reason behind this being that GTA 5 requires a pretty powerful system to run but fortunately, there is also a mobile version of it.

GTA 5 Mobile

One of the greatest things about GTA 5 is the user community. There are millions of GTA fans and they all love to get together and create awesome events together. Furthermore, that community also includes a bunch of developers who decided to create a mobile version of GTA 5.

Even though Rockstar Games, the developer behind the highly successful GTA franchise develops its own mobile games, GTA V is scheduled to come out somewhere around 2020. The game is not even in its development phase and mobile fans of the franchise don’t have any other option than to rely on the game developed by the community.

GTA 5 v.108 APK + OBB Data Update

Since this is an Android mobile game, the developers who are in charge of it are always releasing new updates which improve its performance. With that said, GTA 5 mobile fans should be happy to know that a new APK (Android Package Kit) is available for download.

The APK brings the game’s version number up to 1.08 and it makes it more stable. The update removes some annoying bugs and it improves the overall user experience. We should also mention that the APK can be downloaded alongside full OBB data.

Nonetheless, GTA fans who finished the fifth installment and who want to enjoy similar experiences on their smartphones can download the APK for free. Considering that this is a mobile game it won’t feature the same graphics as the PC and console edition does, but it will feature the same fun and enjoyable experiences.