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GTA 6 Female Main Character, Vice City Returning, Release Date


What we know for sure is that Rockstar is definitely working on the future GTA 6 even though an official GTA 6 release day has not yet been offered. However, a GTA 6 female main character (for the first time in the history of the franchise) and the returning to Vice City are just some of the rumors that make the headlines for the games news site for some time now.

GTA 6 Female Main Character

Rockstar seems like it enjoys bringing new features with every new GTA title. Therefore, the GTA 5 was the first in the franchise’s history to bring multiple playable characters.

Accordingly, wouldn’t be a surprise that GTA 6 to come with a female main character.

However, the future title of the franchise might also come with the multiple playable characters feature, like the GTA 5.

GTA 6 Will Return To Vice City

Besides the GTA 6 female main character rumor, there are many others that say that GTA 6 will return to Vice City.

According to The Know team, which has recently released a video about the future GTA 6 on their YouTube channel, the game will be set in Vice City (the Rockstar’s representation for Miami).

However, many gamers and critics say that this rumor is a fake one since Rockstar developers refer to GTA 6 as the “Project Americas”. Thus, it could mean that the future GTA 6 to be set in various places in both North and South America, which, again, will be a premiere for the GTA.

GTA 6 Release Date

Even though nothing official has been announced yet, the rumors about the GTA 6 release date seem to be in the same range. Therefore, we should expect the GTA 6 release date to be somewhen between 2020 and 2022.

In fact, GTA 5 and GTA Online are still two successful titles and bring more and more gamers and, thus, sales, month-after-month, therefore, Rockstar might postpone GTA 6.

In conclusion, a GTA 6 female main character is possible, while the GTA 6 return to Vice City is quite improbable since the Rockstar’s codename for the GTA 6 is “Project Americas” and leads to the idea that the game will be set in different locations in North and South Americas.