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GTA Online Players are Randomly Banned Ever Since Latest Update Arrived


The player community is usually happy whenever a new update comes out, but this is not the case for GTA Online. The reason we are saying this is because multiple GTA Online user reports are saying that the latest update is causing them to get randomly banned. The ban lasts 30 days and this issue seems to be exclusive to PC players.

GTA Online Randomly Bans Players

The player community believes that the latest Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series update is directly related to these bans. To make things even more frustrating for players, the ban hammer was dropped even on people who didn’t do anything wrong.

Malfunctioning Anti Cheat System

The main theory regarding this issue is that this new update somehow caused the anti cheat system to malfunction. This theory was tested by a Discord user named “Funnypig” who used his own anti cheat software and saw that it showed everyone in the lobby was modding, even himself!

With that being said, we think it’s pretty clear that this issue is directly related to the anti cheat system. The worst thing about this issue is that players get randomly banned for 30 days and they don’t get the chance to appeal and their profiles are wiped. You can imagine that people who spend more than 1,000 hours on this game are going to be really frustrated about this ban.

Rockstar Games

Even though this issue is already widespread and the entire player community is complaining about being unfairly banned, Rockstar Games has yet to make a statement regarding this problem. The only thing that GTA Online players can do right now is to create support tickets and to directly contact the game’s developers over Twitter where they are known to answer.